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Review and Audit

External Audit :

Al-Sharq Experts Group is one of the leading auditing and accounting offices in Egypt. We started our business in Egypt in 2013 . Our office retains a large group of experts and professionals.

In addition to providing advice and guidance to achieve the objectives of these organizations and assisting the management in making decisions. The audit process is carried out in accordance with recognized and accepted standards and practices, whether locally or internationally.

Our office conducts auditing business in accordance with the international and Egyptian auditing standards, going beyond merely rendering opinion on the financial position of our clients.

We endeavor to promote the financial system and the controls to enable our clients to do transactions more effectively, through:

  • Setting auditing program suitable to the accounting system used.
  • Identifying the weakness points of the system used, and attracting the management’s attention to the same.
  • Evaluating the internal control system, and setting a perspective for developing the same.
  • Using the modern methods in auditing in consistence with the international standards.
  • Following the local and international auditing guidelines.

Al-Sharq Experts Group are concerned with the analysis and evaluation of the internal control system, through:

  • Setting effective audit plans.
  • Evaluating the internal control systems of the establishment.
  • Identifying the important auditing areas.
  • Setting auditing programs that are suitable to the nature of the business.
  • Documenting the auditing process professionally, according to the auditing standards.

Internal Audit :

Internal audit services include - but not limited to - the following:

  • Providing management with guidance and advice regarding performance and internal system
  • Evaluate whether the procedures followed are consistent with the facility's policies
  • Assess whether established policies are being followed and implemented in the facility
  • The establishment of a special department for internal auditing in the facility, although it is considered a long-term investment, entails large costs in the short term. Therefore, resorting to Al Sharq Experts Group to provide this service will save clients time and effort in training and providing resources in return for fees calculated on an hourly basis. Productivity for our employees who perform these services   
  • Corporate Governance System Audit

The audit of the corporate governance system is a positive activity carried out by qualified experts for the purposes of assessing the general ethical and professional climate in business organizations, as well as evaluating the performance of management and its commitment to achieving the goals of the organization. As a whole.

Al Sharq Experts Group has a team of qualified experts in this field who can provide quality services to their clients by providing them with recommendations and guidance on professional and ethical climate, management, performance control and risk management.

  • Agreed upon procedures

These agreements can take the form of agreed procedures with clients to audit and review some or all items of the financial statements within what has been agreed upon, and then summarize the results of these procedures in management reports.

Al Sharq Experts Group provides services to its clients regarding the implementation of the agreed procedures in line with the Code of Ethics for Professional Accountants issued by the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC) in accordance with the procedures agreement agreed upon with clients.

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