Our Services

Tax services and consults

Al-Sharq Experts Group is the leading and most prominent provider of tax services in Egypt, where our experts have valuable and accumulated experience .  This allows us to take pride in the unparalleled experiences we have.

Therefore, we offer to all clients distinctive tax services and consults across the entire of tax fields, such as:

  • Opening tax files, preparing and submitting of all tax returns, appearing before the examination and tax appeal committees at the tax offices and submitting tax objections, appeals and notices.
  • Attending, preparing memoranda and having discussions before the specialized internal committees, the committees for settling tax disputes and the experts of the Ministry of Justice.
  • Following up the execution of the tax judgments made by the Courts, and make sure of making the tax assessment properly.
  • Keeping our clients updated with regards to any new tax legislations or instructions that can be beneficial for them, and avoiding any penalties or incurring additional taxes due to the lack of knowledge about such new tax legislations or instructions in a timely manner.
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