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Accounting records - bookkeeping

Accounting records and bookkeeping are vital for all business organizations to enable owners and management to know all the operations carried out by these organizations and make them able to measure the degree of success of the organization as a whole or part of it. In addition, accounting records are an important basis for the purposes of calculating taxes and submitting tax data.

The Small Business Services division within the Al-Sharq Experts Group provides bookkeeping and reporting services to clients as needed.

The group hires accountants who help our clients organize and maintain accounting books so that our clients bear an agreed percentage calculated on the cost of the full time accountant.

When the volume of work calls for the appointment of a full-time accountant, we provide our clients with the necessary recommendations and advice and work to hand over tasks and responsibilities smoothly and without any interruption in the work to those who are selected to do full-time bookkeeping and accounting records

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