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Administrative Consulting & Training Academy Services

Al-Sharq Experts Group Administrative Consulting and Training Office has distinctive experience in the institutional development, restructuring and development of the systems and processes within the public and private institutions. We work on:

  • Developing the organizational structures for the companies, public and private authorities and institutions.
  • Developing and documenting the internal work systems and administrative procedures.
  • Assisting the companies and institutions in developing a plan for the strategic management, analyzing strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and challenges, and setting the vision, mission and strategic objectives.
  • Developing a system for evaluating the performance of the companies, public and private institutions, using the latest global performance evaluation systems.
  • Analyzing personality of the employees, evaluating their managerial skills, and working on successfully employing their abilities and refining their skills.
  • Analyzing the organizational problems within the companies and institutions, and developing the appropriate solutions for them.
  • Assessing the skill gap for the personnel within the companies and institutions.
  • Implementing the administrative, technical and specialized training programs inside and outside the companies; we have a training academy equipped according to the latest recognized specifications.
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